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We pride ourselves on going that extra mile to make your life easier.


From our base in Romford, Essex, we offer a wide range of services, some of which are mobile and some remote. However, if you need something which isn't listed, then please get in touch. If you have a problem and aren't sure what you require, there is a good chance we will be able to diagnose this for you.

Wondering if PC Evo can help you?

• Virus, Spyware and Trojan Horse Removal or Operating System Rebuilds

If you think your computer may be infected with a virus or is running unusually slow, then a PC Evo Virus Removal service is just what you need! One of our experienced engineers can come out to your home address in Romford or the Essex area and conduct various scans and virus removal processes which have proven to solve a number of common computer problems. Our special software will be able to identify 99% of viruses or Spyware on your computer and safely remove them. If, however, your problem is more extensive and the infections cannot be removed, then we can perform a system rebuild which involves re-installing the operating system. This involves  re-formatting your hard drives and re-installing the operating system from scratch, thus removing all traces of infection and restoring your computer to a 'like new' condition. This may seem like an extreme course of action, but the benefits can be substantial, especially on older machines.   When software is installed on any computer, it writes files that are not necessarily deleted when the program is uninstalled. Over time, these can mount up and cause your pc to slow down significantly; hence, a software rebuild can really make a difference and is often worth   considering just as a matter of 'good housekeeping', in the same way that a car needs a regular service in order to continue performing at its best.

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• Improving your computer's speed, performance and full computer health check

Often performed as a matter of routine at the beginning of any computer repair call out, our health check service will include various diagnostics and performance tests to ensure your PC is running exactly as it should. This service is always combined with our virus removal and PC tune-up services to ensure a completely clean and efficiently running system.


We sometimes forget that our computers can be like our cars: if we forget to service and maintain them, they will begin to develop problems and eventually give up completely. At PC Evo we always encourage our clients to give their computers a bit of TLC every now and then! We will also carry out the removal of unwanted trial software that is always bundled with any new pc, and perform various other tasks that are proven to speed up the machine. This service will generally improve start-up and shut-down times and overall system performance. We can also recommend software which will enable you to do this yourself in the long term, which will cut down on maintenance and repair costs, and give you an optimised pc all of the time!


Our PC health check and tune-up includes the following ;


• Virus Scans

• Drive Defragmenting

• Registry Cleaning

• Windows Updates

• Free Upgrade Recommendations

• Full Dust Clean From Hardware Components

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• Data Recovery / Transfer

Our data recovery and transfer service covers most data retrieval needs. Unfortunately, you may never have kept a backup of your VERY valuable data and information, and now your computer has failed; or, maybe you kept a backup but now you need it transferred so you can access it; or maybe a combination of both of the above! For most people, this is their biggest fear come true. At PC Evo we fully understand your worry and sympathise completely, which is why we make every effort to retrieve your valuable data as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Once we have retrieved and transferred any data you require, we will also advise you on various ways to back up your system and prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

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• Hardware Repairs and Upgrades

If you have noticed that your computer is still slow after we have performed our standard checks and tune-ups, our engineers can test and inform you whether you may benefit from a hardware upgrade. We can perform upgrades on all internal components from RAM to Graphics cards to CPU's. All of the components that we use for repairs and upgrades are guaranteed for 30 days with a ‘return to base’ policy within those 30 days; however, the components themselves actually come with much longer manufacturers’ warranties, normally 1 - 3 years! (If you have a new machine, you may want to check the warranty on your machine first, as upgrading components (or even just opening the cover!) can void your warranty with the retailer).


We can replace components and recommend upgrades for a wide variety of machines. As with our custom builds, we only use top quality brands. These components include :


• Hard Drives

• Ram (Memory)

• Graphics Cards

• CPU / Motherboards

• Media drives (CD/DVD/Blu Ray)

• Power Supplies

• Case Upgrades

• I/O devices

• Soundcards

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• New Custom Builds

... Alternatively, we can build you a nice new shiny PC without you having to leave your front door! We will come to your home for free, discuss your needs,  and give recommendations as to what we think you would or would not benefit from. We give you the best prices around - and the advantage of having a custom built pc is that you don’t get any bundled software or free trials that you never use and that ultimately end up slowing your machine down. Once you’ve decided what you want and we’ve agreed on a design, we will go away and quote for your new machine - all for free and with out any commitment on your part! Once you give us the go-ahead, we will aim to have your newly-built pc up and running as soon as possible. We’re confident that the prices we charge for the services we offer are unbeatable at the present time. Most larger companies, if they even offer the same range of services that we do, cannot compete either with our prices or our response times, which we think makes us unbeatable in today’s market. Our new builds start from as little as £300, depending on your specific requirements; the benefit being that unlike buying a machine “off the shelf”, you actually get what you pay for, and only get what you need.

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• Web Design

We pride ourselves on being the most affordable small business website provider for Romford and the surrounding areas. With PC Evo, there are no hidden costs or expenses, everything is laid out for you in your quote, and ongoing maintenance is offered at reduced prices which are also available to you from the outset. We can design and create a personal or business website tailored to your specific needs; we can even provide you with the software and knowledge to do it yourself!

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• Remote Support

If you find that you just need a helping hand with something but are worried about the cost of calling out engineers, we offer a remote support service. With specialist third party software, we can attempt to carry out small tasks and/or troubleshoot without even having to come to your house! If the problem can be resolved this way, this saves significantly on costs; there are no expenses for us to cover, which means you get the best bang for your buck!

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• Miscellaneous Services


Software Installation

We can give you recommendations on which is the best software for your needs and perform a complete installation if required, leaving you without the hassle of compatibility problems and installation headaches.

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General E-mail Support/Troubleshooting

E-mails can sometimes be a pain. If you're not used to having to configure mailboxes, or you're having trouble getting to grips with Outlook or Windows Live, we can help you. Problems can normally be resolved over the phone or with our remote support service, but we will happily visit your home within the Romford or Essex area and help you obtain what you need from your E-mail service.

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Out Of Office Hours Support

At PC Evo we work around the clock, so if your pc crashes to an untimely death at 2am and you desperately need it for work by 7, we will do our very best to get you back on track as soon as possible (callout charges do apply after 8pm).

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Rapid Response 24/7 Emergency Support

We aim to get to our customers with minimal delay in order to ensure that you’re back on your feet as quickly as possible. For local callouts, we aim to be at your home within the hour.

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Be sure to visit our Blog post for Tips On How to Reduce Your Computer Repair Costs

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